The SkyTrough is an advanced integrated parabolic trough concentrator designed for high performance and low cost to achieve economic objectives in the market for high grade heat for industrial processes and electrical generation. To achieve low cost, a comprehensive optimization process was carried out for every component based on the choice of low cost silvered polymer film as the reflector. To verify high performance, the optical efficiency of a single module was measured at the National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), and a demonstration loop was constructed in December, 2009 at the SEGS-II solar power plant in Daggett, CA, USA. This paper compares operating data recorded over eighteen months for the commercial demonstration at the SEGS-II plant with model predictions based on the NREL efficiency measurement. The comparison demonstrates that the SkyTrough system will perform predictably over time. Additional data illustrating the good performance of the collector in wind, and the sustained reflectance of the mirror film, are presented.

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