With the development of very large scale integration, the chip heat dissipation is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Vapor compression refrigeration system is a valid method to cool the electric chip. However, a particular challenge is to make a small and efficient gas compressor. In this paper, a mini-type single screw compressor was manufactured in Beijing University of Technology and a corresponding performance test system was set up. Experimental results show that the heat created by the single screw compressor is higher, which led to an extreme high exhaust temperature. An effective solution is to introduce the low temperature refrigerant from the condenser to the compressor directly to cool down the compressor. Based on this procedure, the compressor performance was measured experimentally. It was found that the condensing temperature, compressor rotation speed and refrigerant charge can affect the compressor performance noticeably and every affective factor has an optimal value. According to the optimal results, the compressor refrigerating capacity of 2.03 kW and system coefficient of performance (COP) of 2.24 was achieved at the evaporating temperature of 5 °C and condensing temperature of 32 °C. Those results can be a baseline for the further performance enhancement of the single screw compressor and can be a valid method for the cooling of large scale integration.

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