In this study, an analytical quasi-steady state thermodynamic cycle of an adsorption cooling system (ACS) for automotive applications is presented which allows evaluating impact of different parameters on the ACS performance as well as effects of various working pairs: zeolite 13X/water, zeolite 4A/water and activated carbon-35/methanol. A comprehensive parametric study has been performed to investigate effects of temperature variation of the evaporator and condenser as well as the ICE exhaust gas temperature on the COP, cooling load produced by the evaporator and entropy generation of ACS with (or without) the heat recovery cycle (HRC). The results show that using the heat recovery cycle in the ACS can increase the COP of system up to 41% for zeolite 13X/water pair at the base-line condition. In addition, the parametric study shows that increasing regeneration and evaporation temperature increase the COP and entropy generation of ACS while increasing condensation temperature has negative effect on the COP and entropy generation. Finally, based on our modeling results, the ACS with the heat recovery cycle (HRC) and zeolite 13X/water pair are proposed for the automotive A/C applications.

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