The Earth is faced to decreasing of energy resources due to increasing of energy consumption. This reason accelerates the global warming which leads the Earth to a place in which quality of life is reducing year by year. A considerable portion of total energy consumption is used in residential sector in the world. The usage of energy in residential sector effectively ensures large amount of energy saving. Nowadays, the buildings have been aiming to design which consume low energy and supply high comfort. In order to design energy efficient buildings, all the designing parameters which include passive systems must be taken into consideration together considering versatile interior and exterior conditions. In this study the energy efficient building was described and the applications were explained for the sample building. The office building designed to obtain LEED certification was taken into consideration as a current application in Turkey and it was modeled using TRNSYS simulation program during the year. The heating and cooling loads were calculated. According to results some suggestions were recommended for reducing the heating and cooling demands of the office building and any suggestion was simulated and analyzed for the designed building.

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