For future parabolic trough plants direct steam generation in the absorber pipes is a promising option for reducing the costs of solar thermal energy. These new solar thermal power plants require innovative storage concepts, where the two phase heat transfer fluid poses a major challenge. A three-part storage system is proposed for the two phase fluid water/steam. Concrete storage is used for the process steps involving transfer of sensible heat — i.e. preheating of water and superheating of steam — while for the two-phase evaporation a phase change material (PCM) storage will be deployed. This technology is currently developed by DLR and Ed. Zu¨blin AG within the project ITES, funded partly by the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. A combined storage solution with a 22 m3 concrete storage test module for superheating of steam and a 8.5 m3 PCM-storage for evaporation of water was build in 2009 in a direct steam test loop, set up at the power plant Litoral of Endesa in Carboneras, Spain. This high temperature storage system has a total capacity of approx. 1000 kWh and it will be the first demonstration of such a combined storage system for the two phase heat transfer fluid water/steam. Commissioning was completed in 2010, implying first heating-up of the concrete storage to expel the excess water in the concrete, first heating-up of the PCM storage including final filling of the storage with salt. Cycling tests for each storage unit separately are in progress. Combined testing will start in 2011. Results on the commissioning and testing will be reported in the paper.

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