Concentrated solar power plants (CSP) are being explored as the leading source of renewable energy for future power generation. Storing sun’s energy in the form of latent thermal energy of a phase change material (PCM) is desirable for use on demand including times when solar energy is unavailable. Considering a latent thermal energy storage (LTES) system incorporating heat pipes to enhance heat transfer between the heat transfer fluid (HTF) and the PCM, this paper explores the dynamic response of the LTES system subjected to repeated cycles of charging and discharging. A transient computational analysis of a shell-and-tube LTES embedded with two horizontal heat pipes (HHP) is performed for repeated charging and discharging of the PCM to analyze the dynamic performance of the LTES and the augmentation in the cyclic performance of the LTES embedded with heat pipes is investigated. A model low temperature phase change material system is considered in the present study, with the physical results being scalable to high temperature systems used in CSP plants.

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