Electricity yield projection is one of the essential tasks related to concentrating solar thermal power plants. Currently, the project engineers and other stakeholders cannot refer to standardized methods for calculation of the annual electricity outcome of such plants. In autumn 2010, the first steps were taken to initiate an international project within SolarPACES Task I that targets the development of reliable methodologies for yield projection [1, 2]. More than 80 international participants from academia, industry, and finance agreed to work together within the guiSmo project (Guidelines for CSP performance modelling). Intended as an open project with publicly available results, CSP stakeholders are invited to join the team. Since initiation of the project, a coordination team and supervisory board have been founded. The challenging task is subdivided into ten “work packages” that cover all aspects of CSP project analysis — from elementary plant models to transient effects and financial evaluation approaches. This paper provides an overview of recent achievements and upcoming activities in the guiSmo project. The focus is on the definition of three quality levels for yield projection as they will be required during the various project development phases.

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