The increased generation of electrical energy from renewable sources and its integration into the low voltage grid, has necessitated regulations governing the connection of renewable energy generators to the grid. This was deemed necessary to preserve the integrity and the correct operation of the grid. This paper presents a new architecture of a hybrid phase lock loop circuit topology for synchronizing a single-phase inverter fed from a renewable energy source such as a photovoltaic (PV) generator to the low voltage grid. The system uses a digital phase lock loop (DPLL) architecture, which is based on the arctan phase detector, driving a phase lock loop (PLL) to synchronize a PV generator with the grid voltage. The proposed system has been tested by simulation using Simulink/Matlab. The test results demonstrate the ability of the system to synchronize a PV inverter with the grid and to re-establish synchronization following a sudden perturbation in the grid voltage such as a single or a multi-step change in phase.

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