This paper will evaluate a specific site located in southwestern Virginia, providing design criteria that are important considerations at this site. The evaluation will predict the output from a 6 blade HAWT model at the height and location of the site. As a small scale wind turbine, the process of determination of relevant considerations to establish the turbine selection and output are weighted to establish the evaluation criteria. A review of the specific site conditions are presented in detail. This information includes: three-dimensional topographic review, wind and weather profile of the site and surrounding environmental conditions of the site. With this information the decision path for the specific siting is discussed. Characteristics of the site that will be considered to calculate output are: historical data of wind profile of the region, height of tower, affect of other objects and affect of wind turbulence. A discussion of current modeling options will be compared. The design and components of the small scale wind turbine chosen for this application will be compared to other wind turbines of similar size and cost. Considerations of the turbine that are considered are: size of wind turbine, cost of wind turbine, predictable output of the wind turbine based on design of the various wind turbines, requirements for the tower for each turbine and predicted maintenance for each turbine. Initial performance of the selected turbine will be available by presentation of information.

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