The interaction of alternative technologies for low cost housing using a fully integrated finite element thermal and structural model of the system. The such as matrix formulations, or different wall systems can be accomplished using. Multi-layer systems based on composite laminate theory are used as a substitution for both reinforcement and effective thermal barrier of structural walls and roof systems. Textile Reinforced Cement composites (TRCs) as thin sandwich skin elements are considered since they show improved tension capacity and ductility based a well-bonded and well-distributed reinforcement that minimizes the flaw sizes, leading to the increase in overall strength and ductility. A range of innovative materials are used in a transient thermal analysis of the composite wall system. Using both 2-D and 3-D finite element analysis, field data obtained from interior and exterior faces of three model construction systems are simulated for walls and roof members as a function of time. Using the exterior temperature as the imposed boundary condition, the interior temperatures were predicted and compared with the experimentally obtained results. Sensitivity of the model to changes in parameters is studied for various insulating materials.

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