H2 is considered the main contributor to accelerate the introduction of renewable energies (REs) however electricity is by no means the only efficient path to generate H2. Battery and fuel cell complement each other, pure battery car will not be the general solution for our future mobility needs, but the fuel cell on the other hand cannot perform well without a battery. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have the potential to meet short-term stringent regulations as well as fuel economy (FE) and CO2 goals, and can therefore be considered as the first step forward into global sustainable mobility (GSM) vision. In addition, efficient use of energy and fuel diversity is destined to emerge in the near future, allowing significant use of RE sources in the transportation sector. I will briefly discuss an analysis and simulation of the future vehicle propulsion systems (FVPSs) to meet a potential GSM vision as a long-term thinking that might produce better short-term decisions.

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