The photovoltaic (PV) industry has seen remarkable progress in recent years, especially considering the advancement in materials and cell architecture. The potential of these technologies is investigated in a high insolation region of Southwestern United States, namely Las Vegas, where there is an abundance of surrounding barren land available for large scale installations. An experimental comparison of different PV technologies (HIT-Si, poly-c-Si, a-Si, and triple junction a-Si) under identical climatic conditions is the basis of this study. All tested modules have identical operating conditions, i.e. fixed installation plane, geographic location, and climatic conditions. The experiment verifies thin-film’s temperature independency, HIT-Si’s superior performance, and summarizes winter energy production of popular technologies in our climate. Lastly, an economic analysis is performed to compare the different technologies for prospective utility scale PV installations in southern Nevada, or similar climatic regions.

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