Previous study of a microturbine-based combined heat, cooling and power system installed on a university campus showed that the turbine exhaust energy must be fully utilized for the economics to be favorable. The system studied combined four 60 kW microturbines with a 110 ton absorption chiller that recovers exhaust waste heat. The chiller, which has the capability of providing either chilled water for cooling or hot water for heating depending on seasonal needs, was found to be mismatched to the local heating and cooling needs. This paper describes the design of an exhaust heat exchanger that will be integrated into the campus steam plant for more efficient utilization of the microturbine waste heat. The hot water generated will be used during heating season to heat a nearby building with a hydronic heating system. This will reduce boiler fuel costs, since this heating load would otherwise be met from a steam heating station. At other times of the year, the hot water generated will be used to preheat condensate return for the campus steam plant, which has a year-round steam demand.

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