Power generation using gas turbine power plants operating on the Brayton cycle suffers from low efficiencies and high irreversibilities. In this work, a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is proposed for integration into a 10 MW gas turbine power plant, operating at 30% electrical efficiency (13.7% second law efficiency). The SOFC system entails anode recycling to enable self sustaining reformation reactions, thus alleviating the need for an external water supply and steam generation unit. It also utilizes turbine outlet heat recovery to ensure a sufficiently high SOFC operating temperature. The power output of the hybrid plant is 26.2 MW at 63.4% efficiency (35.3% second law efficiency). The hybrid plant performs best when 70–80% anode recycling is used. A thermo-economic model predicts a payback period of 4.6 years, based on future projected SOFC cost estimates.

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