The objective of this work is to evaluate thermodynamic and economic performance of a small-scale combined cycle plant with microturbine and ORC. The primary source of fuel for the plant is wood. The biomass is converted into a gaseous fuel by means of gasification in a downdraft fixed bed reactor. Size of the plant is limited to 350 kg/h of wet biomass input into the gasifier. Two alternative configurations of the bottoming ORC cycle are taken into account: single stage cycle and cascade cycle. In the first case R123 and n-pentane are analyzed as potential working fluids. In the cascade cycle toluene and n-pentane are selected for top and bottom cycle respectively. Electricity generation efficiency of the proposed small-scale plant is at the level of 23%, that is comparable with direct combustion based systems of much higher electric output. An initial economic evaluation of a sample project gives an outlook on economic effectiveness, that nowadays is strongly dependent on stimulation measures for “green” electricity generation.

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