The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (H.R. 2454) introduces a combined federal standard for efficiency and renewable electricity. This standard requires utilities to supply a portion of their customer’s demand using energy efficiency measures and renewable electricity generation. (1) This manuscript discusses an analysis conducted on the effect of H.R. 2454 on Texas’s electricity generation mix. In order to benchmark the net opportunity for energy efficiency, this analysis includes the historical trends in electricity consumption by sector and per capita for two states, Texas and California. This manuscript contains discussion on findings in two key areas. First, the overall consumption patterns seen historically in Texas compared to California including key differences found in each sector: residential, industrial and commercial/other. Second, the factors that contributed to these patterns including policy mechanisms, technological advances, and shifts in industry that contributed to these patterns. These findings are then applied to electricity consumption and generation mix projections in Texas. Evaluating these projections reveals the potential environmental impacts of H.R. 2454 on Texas.

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