With the rapid development of modern economy in China, the concept of “green building” is paid more attention, and the assessment to green buildings becomes more important than before. In green building assessment systems, the assessment to the environmental quality is one of the most important content. The research to the assessment index systems of environmental quality is of great significance to developing green buildings in China. In this paper, based on the technical requirements and design outlines of green buildings, the assessment rule, object, method and mode that are suitable for the situations in China are discussed by combining the characteristics of indoor and outdoor environment of green buildings, and the assessment index and system of environmental quality are set up. In the process, the evaluation models of AHP (analytic hierarchy process) are established. The weight factor of the indexes of environmental quality are made certain using the method of AHP, which will be the basis of the whole assessment system of green building and the reference for the implement of green building evaluation policy in China. All the work is to promote the development of green buildings.

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