The SkyTrough™ is a new high-efficiency parabolic trough solar collector that has been designed with features to reduce capital cost, shorten installation time, and reduce O&M cost. This collector builds on the excellent success of prior generation utility-scale parabolic trough designs, but incorporates several engineering and material innovations, listed below. 1. Lightweight, low cost, unbreakable non-glass reflectors using ReflecTech® Mirror Film with reflectance equal to silvered glass mirrors — and easy to install and replace, 2. Large aperture area parabolic trough module with more than double the aperture area of the Nevada Solar One (NSO) module, 3. Longer linear receiver (SCHOTT PTR™80) utilized to match the larger aperture width SkyTrough, 4. Aluminum space frame structure that is considerably lighter per unit of aperture area compared to NSO, 5. Total component “part count” that is considerably reduced per unit of aperture area, yielding a shorter assembly time per unit of aperture than the NSO modules, 6. Hydraulic-based rotary actuation system that provides built-in “stow” locking capability and higher torque capability compared to NSO, 7. SkyTrakker™ control system reduces inrush currents and reduces parasitic power consumption associated with collector sun tracking.

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