This paper presents a combined power and ejector refrigeration cycle for low temperature heat sources. The proposed cycle combines the organic Rankine cycle and the ejector refrigeration cycle. It can be used as an independent cycle powered by the low temperature sources, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, or as a bottom cycle of the conventional power plant for the recovery of low temperature waste heat. A program was developed to calculate the performance of the combined cycle. Several substances were selected as the working fluids including R113, R123, R245fa, R141b and R600. Simulation results show that R141b has the highest cycle efficiency, followed by R123, R113, R600 and then R245fa. While the working fluids are calculated by per unit, R600 can produce more power and refrigeration outputs due to the large latent heat. Simulations at different generating temperatures, evaporating temperatures and condensing temperatures were also discussed.

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