A 240 kWe integrated microturbine chiller/heater system was installed on the campus of the University of Toronto at Mississauga in 2005 to provide heating or cooling in combination with electric power generation. The system consists of four 60 kWe microturbines fueled by natural gas and a 110 ton lithium bromide absorption chiller that utilizes waste heat from the microturbines. The chiller can be operated in cooling mode to supply chilled water in summer for cooling or in heating mode to supply hot water (60°C) in winter for heating. Tests were conducted in both heating and cooling mode to evaluate the effectiveness of heat recovery and results are presented for both modes of operation. However, operating constraints imposed by this particular installation prevent full utilization of thermal output in both heating and cooling mode. Recommendations are provided to guide future installations to make full use of the equipment’s potential.

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