Greater utilization of hydrocarbon fuel in the transport sector is causing serious challenges to maintaining depletion of oil resources and also causing environmental and ecological imbalances. This makes it imperative to lay major thrust upon the search of alternative energy sources. Atmospheric air also offers one of the cost effective energy conversion system. The compressed air can be utilized as potential zero pollution working fluid for producing shaft work in the air turbine prime-mover for light vehicle. This paper details the mathematical modeling and performance evaluation of a small capacity compressed air driven vaned type novel air turbine. Effect of impingement and expansion action of high pressure air for different dimensional situations of casing and rotor diameters of the turbine have been considered and analyzed here. Study shows that the impingement work has significant contribution in total work output and varies from 2.4% to 16.8%, when other parameters like injection angle and vane angle are kept constant at 22.5° and 36° respectively and injection pressure varies from 2 to 6 bars. It is also concluded that the expansion work as well as total work is optimum when casing diameter (D) and rotor diameter (d) are 90 mm and 85 mm respectively.

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