This paper mainly seeks to explore and answer some questions for desulfurization and denitration in thermal power plants in China. Firstly, the desulfurization and denitration technology applicated in the power plant in China at present were analyzed. It is considered that taken combination of the existed technique for purified the pollutants from the thermal power plants, not only lead to the wastage of huge amount of investment, increasing of operating costs, decreasing of the economic benefits, but also add an additional area. It is necessary to develop the integration technology of desulfurization and denitration simultaneously. Secondly the integration technology of desulfurization and denitration at present in China was briefly reviewed such as activated carbon adsorption, SNRB, etc. and most of those at a research stage include the plasma technology. In the third of the paper, the non-thermal plasma technology i.e electron-beam technique, corona discharge and dielectric barrier discharge were discussed. Finally, combined with the actual situation in China, the application prospects of the desulfurization and denitration technology using plasma discharge in the flue gas was bring up. The article also pointed out the barriers need to be overcome if the technology will be applied in power plant, as well as the development direction of desulfurization and denitration technology from flue gas in power plant in China.

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