A Small-Scale Solution for a Big Energy Problem: Renewable Distributed Energy. Locally generated biomass, industrial and municipal wastes, coal and plastics have a significant part to play in providing a source of reliable and economic energy in the US. The ability to use these materials reliably and cleanly can be addressed with small-scale gasification technology to provide distributed generation. A technology that has improved on the historical success of gasification to provide these elements is TURNW2E™ Gasification. This technology is specifically designed to convert locally available energy resources into a clean fuel gas which is then subsequently used for heat and or power generation. This technology has the ability to operate cleanly and interchangeably using waste materials and /or coal. With the ability to produce power economically from 100 kW to 5 MW it can provide distributed generation at institutions, DOD facilities, and industrial complexes. This creates a reliable and economical energy source for the user, while disposing of wastes in an environmentally sound manner. This replaces landfill use with the energy transformation process of gasification, which provides enormous environmental benefits, including the elimination of carcinogens and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by incineration processes. The use of renewable biomass and wastes provides a sustainable source of electricity that is unrestricted by grid access, providing tremendous potential to reduce US fuel imports. Using this approach, the user can create jobs and power in a sustainable scenario; without sending precious energy dollars overseas, using this process in a distributed manner will help strengthen our nation’s economy, and provide improvements to the quality of life wherever it is installed. By having the ability to use many different feedstocks, the technology can enable the avoidance of landfilling MSW and industrial wastes, including tires; it can use waste wood such as railroad ties, beetle-infested pine, and forestry wastes, farm wastes and natural disaster debris to generate renewable energy for local use or sale to the grid. Materials for processing are varied, and thus, the technology flexibility enables small-scale use in a wide range of installations, a landfill site, transfer station, farm, hospital, manufacturing facility, resort, DOD base, island community, university, and local municipal site. TURNW2E™ Gasification is available at commercial scale and is currently installed at two facilities overseas, with three US facilities planned for ’09. A training and continuing education /R&D facility is underway in the US.

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