A flow structure which delivers the reactant transversely to the MEA using an impinging jet configuration at cathode side is proposed and modeled to examine its effectiveness for enhanced PEMFC performance, especially at high current densities. A two dimensional, non-isothermal, multi-phase model was developed to predict the performance of an impinging jet. The computational model was validated with published experimental data for a conventional PEMFC. For enhanced performance, a macro-porous gas diffusion layer with permeability in the order of 1e−09 m2 is required for the impinging jet design to be effective. Compared to standard channel flow, a single impinging jet design can improve fuel cell performance up to 80% at high current densities. A multiple impinging jet design is further suggested as an effective way to achieve flow and species uniformity with results in more uniform catalyst utilization. Compared to a single impinging jet, a multiple jet gives up to 14% predicted enhancement at a high current density at about 2A/cm2. Experimental validation is needed for the proposed impinging jet configurations.

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