NRG Energy Center Paxton LLC (NRG-ECP) operates two Cooper LSVB-20GDT gas-diesel engines at a combined heat and power facility in Harrisburg, PA. NRG-ECP commissioned Advanced Engine Technologies Corporation (AETC) to conduct a literature review on the impacts of operating these engines on Biodiesel. Based on the somewhat favorable results of the review, NRG-ECP with support from AETC performed single cylinder and then full engine testing on one engine to assess the impact of Biodiesel operation on engine performance, emissions and operability as an alternative to full diesel operation. The results showed the engine exhibited no major differences in combustion performance or engine operability when running on Biodiesel in comparison to standard diesel fuel. During single cylinder testing the switch between diesel and Biodiesel was virtually undetectable. In the full engine Biodiesel test the unit started, idled, synchronized and loaded identical to diesel fuel. From a combustion perspective, the differences in Biodiesel vs. diesel operation are primarily attributable to the difference in air/fuel ratio due to the different fuel compositions. Fuel injection performance did not appear to change significantly or impact engine emissions.

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