The main aim of the present study is to draw attention to the possibilities and to the measures of appropriate utilization of renewable energy to achieve what is called “water self-sufficient” for arid regions in Jordan. Also to put efforts of increasing the use of renewable energy sources to lower cost of potable water pumping and gives more economical benefits. Another aim of the current research is to utilize the new control algorithm and the developed computer capabilities in the field of sun tracking in order to improve the efficiency of solar distillers. The new tracking method is utilized for water distillation taking advantage of high possible concentration of parabolic trough collector to reach high levels of daily yield per square meter. The present research utilizes the techniques of image processing to catch the core of the sun as the target, also used artificial intelligence techniques to predict the sun position in abnormal conditions (i.e. cloudy, dusty, rainy). The results of sun tracking using image processing found to be accurate and reliable according to the self monitoring of the focus point validated by the solar radiation results. Water distillation yield shows high percentage output of distillate of about 65% of water supplied to distiller. Mechanical design was tested for high ability to withstand the extra loading. It was found that the output yield reached to noticeable levels, because of the use of the parabolic collector that promoted the solar still efficiency.

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