Seawater desalination is one of the most suitable areas for the utilization of solar thermal energy due to the coincidence, in many places of the world, of water scarcity, seawater availability and good levels of solar irradiation. The solar assisted heat pump provides a new horizon in the seawater desalination. Experiments were conducted on solar assisted heat pump desalination system under meteorological conditions of Singapore. This system uses two types of flat-plate solar collectors. One is called evaporator-collector which is entirely unglazed. The other type is single-glazed collector used for feed water heating. A single stage MED (multi-effect distillation) evaporator is used in this system and the refrigerant R134a is used in the heat pump. The system has a Performance Ratio (PR) of around 1.3 and water production capability of 0.6 to 0.9 kg/hr. The Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the heat pump reaches a maximum value of about 9 for the meteorological conditions of Singapore.

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