The capillary plane terminal system is a novel HVAC system which can be used in office or residential buildings with dedicated outdoor air system. The capillary mats buried in the surface grout of the ceiling or the wall or the floor handle the interior sensible space cooling load with the handled dedicated air taking on the rest latent cooling load to keep the indoor parameters to be desired state. In this paper, with an example of a typical residential room where the capillary mats are installed on the ceiling, by using the method of CFD the indoor air flows under different modes in summer and winter are simulated and the temperature, velocity, relative humidity, predicted mean vote (PMV) and predicted percent dissatisfied (PPD) fields are presented and analyzed. Based on the simulation results, the indoor thermal environments are evaluated. And the optimal air flow mode is recommended correspondingly. These will be useful to the design and application of the capillary plane HVAC terminal system.

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