In China, the overall economical performances of heating systems are not very high, there are still some problems of high energy consumption, high gas emission and low heat utilization. The energy conversation and emission reduction are two most important things. The option of the heating system schemes is the key to improve such situation. An optimal heating scheme will be a good beginning to the whole heating system. In this paper, the GRA (Grey Relation Analysis) method is introduced and used, and with the example of a heating district, the most used and upcoming used heating schemes are listed, calculated and compared by using the method of GRA. The option of a heating system scheme is a typical multi-objective decision-making problem. The schemes are the district boiler heating system (including gas-fired, oil-fired, and coal-fired boilers), solar energy heat pump system and combined heating and power system etc. In the process of optimization calculation, the aspects of energy saving, economics benefit, environment benefit and social benefit are concerned about, and the initial cost, operating cost, employment life, environment influence and system reliability are taken into account. According to the calculation results, combined heating and power system is proposed to be optimal heating system scheme.

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