Typically there is a great deal of waste heat available in drainage system of large-scale public bathhouses, such as public bathhouses in schools, barracks and natatoriums. The paper advances a heat pump system used in bathhouses for exhaust heat recovery. The system consists of solar energy collection system, drainage collection system and heat pump system for exhaust heat recovery. In the system, tap water is heated by energy from solar energy collection system, and is used as hot water for bathing at the beginning. At the same time, drainage collection system collects sewage from bathhouses, and then electric heat pump starts up and recovers the exhaust heat in sewage and heats the tap water. In this way, heat is recycled. Practical operation of the system was introduced, and drainage temperature as well as equipment capacity was optimized based on a practical example. Compared with gas-fired (oil-fired, coal-fired, electric) boilers, the system has advantages of lower energy consumption, less pollution and lower operating cost. Therefore, the system has great superiority in energy conservation and has a good application prospect.

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