As concerns over the rapid depletion of our natural resources, air quality, and the environment continue to grow, so do the technologies being developed to address those issues. Thus it’s essential that government agencies and educational institutions alike become leaders in the promotion of “green” technologies and “green” design as they are becoming more than ever before concrete solutions to our environmental concerns. This report describes the project undertaken by a multi-disciplinary group of Engineering and Technology students at California State University, Los Angeles. This project looked into a sustainable approach to reduce the overall campus energy use and its environmental impact. Over the course of the project, a detailed investigation of the campus energy demand was conducted and solutions to improve the aging campus energy infrastructure were drafted. Some of thee short term solutions included Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) that focused on the operation and management of our energy with respect to lighting, air conditioning, and building envelope. Some mid-range solutions included the increase in capacity of the TES and an overall design of a hydrogen generation station was developed for future consideration.

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