The global problems of energy supply and demand, climatic change due to artificial global warming, and providing economical and clean human comfortable condition are a complex issue. These problems have become globally political, economical and technological in the center stage of global arena. Utilization of alternative energy resources which are clean and green, hand in hand with the development of alternative clean and green technologies can indeed reduce the global and environmental problems. This paper invasions the idea of harnessing the power of clean energy resources and of developing clean technology for the production of clean environmental conditions. Synergization of clean energy resources, clean technologies and production of clean environment is implemented through the thermally activated desiccant cooling system. The experimental facility is constructed which consists of thermal energy system, desiccant cooling system and the artificially controlled environmental conditions for experimental evaluation purposes. Preliminary experimental investigation is being undertaken to evaluate the performance of the thermal energy system and of the desiccant cooling system. Based on the results, thermal energy system is functioning to its expectations. However, the desiccant cooling system still needs improvement to optimize its cooling capacity. With this study, practical combination of clean energy utilization and of clean technology development for the production of clean environment is possible through proper design and implementation.

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