Numerical simulation results are shown to determine the heating in liquids when a solar cooker box type with internal reflector is used to this end. The data evaluated correspond to temperature values from bee honey, olive oil, milk and water when they are heated in the solar cooker. The maximum simulation temperatures reached are 91.8, 91.6, 86.2 and 85.3 °C that correspond to bee honey, olive oil, milk and water respectively. A comparative between simulation and experimental results also are shown. The values presented evidence the influence of the specific heat in each fluid considered. In the numerical simulation were used solar radiation and environment temperature values for February 26, 2006 in Mexico City. The experimental data were acquired using an Eppley piranometer and a Field Point device and were used as initial numerical conditions in the simulation. The processing information acquired was made using the LabView 7.0 software.

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