Trajectory planning is an essential module for autonomous driving. To deal with multi-vehicle interactions, existing methods follow the prediction-then-plan approaches which first predict the trajectories of others then plan the trajectory for the ego vehicle given the predictions. However, since the true trajectories of others may deviate from the predictions, frequent re-planning for the ego vehicle is needed, which may cause many issues such as instability or deadlock. These issues can be overcome if all vehicles can form a consensus by solving the same multi-vehicle trajectory planning problem. Then the major challenge is how to efficiently solve the multi-vehicle trajectory planning problem in real time under the curse of dimensionality. We introduce a novel planner for multi-vehicle trajectory planning based on the convex feasible set (CFS) algorithm. The planning problem is formulated as a non-convex optimization. A novel convexification method to obtain the maximal convex feasible set is proposed, which transforms the problem into a quadratic programming. Simulations in multiple typical on-road driving situations are conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed planning algorithm in terms of completeness and optimality.

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