In this paper, a strictly defined new orthogonal global task coordinate frame (NGTCF) based on the false position method is proposed for precision contouring control of biaxial systems. In contrast to the existed global task coordinate frame (GTCF), the value of the normal coordinate in NGTCF directly represents the contour error, rather than the first-order approximation. Moreover, different from the conventional GTCF just suitable for contours with explicit shape functions, the proposed NGTCF can be utilized in various complex contours. The false position method is adopted to calculate the curve coordinates of actual points in NGTCF. Then an adaptive robust controller (ARC) is designed to deal with the effects of strong coupling of the system dynamics in the task space and modeling uncertainties. The proposed NGTCF-based ARC contouring control strategy is tested on a linear motor driven biaxial industrial gantry. Experiments under different contouring tasks with high-speed and large-curvature are conducted to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, and the experimental results confirm that the excellent contouring performance of the proposed approach can be achieved.

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