We formulate a predictor-based controller for a high-DOF manipulator to compensate a time-invariant input delay during a pick-and-place task. Robot manipulators are widely used in tele-manipulation systems on the account of their reliable, fast, and precise motions while they are subject to large delays. Using common control algorithms on such delay systems can cause not only poor control performance, but also catastrophic instability in engineering applications. Therefore, delays need to be compensated in designing robust control laws. As a case study, we focus on a 7-DOF Baxter manipulator subject to three different input delays. First, delay-free dynamic equations of the Baxter manipulator are derived using the Lagrangian method. Then, we formulate a predictor-based controller, in the presence of input delay, in order to track desired trajectories. Finally, the effects of input delays in the absence of a robust predictor are investigated, and then the performance of the predictor-based controller is experimentally evaluated to reveal robustness of the algorithm formulated. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate that the predictor-based controller effectively compensates input delays and achieves closed-loop stability.

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