This paper proposes a height profile model for drop-on-demand printing of UV curable ink. Existing models include superposition of single drops, numerical models, and graphic-based model. They are either too complicated or over simplified. Graphic model intends to find a sweet spot in between, however, accuracy is marginally improved from superposition model while it demands more computation. The proposed model aims to achieve the same as graphic model by introducing volume and area propagation matrices to reflect the localized ink flow from higher location to the lower, while avoiding the detailed physics behind it. This model assumes a constant volume and area propagation of subsequent drop due to height profile difference. It is validated with experiments on single drop, 2-drop and 3-drop line printing. Stability of this model is analyzed.. Using root mean square (RMS) error as benchmark, proposed model achieves 6.6% along the center row and 7.4% overall, better than existing models.

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