As an integral part of electrified powertrain, resolver is broadly used to do position and speed sensing for electric motors, subject to different types of resolver faults. This paper investigates the resolver fault propagation in electrified powertrain, with focus on the amplitude imbalance, quadrature imperfection and reference phase shift in the resolver position sensing system. The resolver fault effects in the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine (PMSM) drive system are first analyzed based on the mathematical model of a surface mounted PMSM with direct Field-oriented Control (FOC). Then the resolver fault propagation in the powertrain is studied in terms of two different motor operating conditions, motor torque control and motor speed control. Simulation is done in Matlab/Simulink based on the PMSM drive model and the powertrain-level simulator to verify the fault propagation analyses. The results can be used to help design the resolver fault diagnostic strategy and determine speed matching condition between engine and electric motor for mode transition control in hybrid electric vehicles.

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