Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a form of massage using rigid manufactured or cast devices. The delivered force, which is a critical parameter in massage during IASTM, has not been measured or standardized for most clinical practices. There is a strong need to characterize the delivered force to a patient. This paper proposes a novel mechatronic design for a specific instrument to apply localized pressure which is a frequently used tool to clinically deliver localize pressure to treat soft tissue. The design is based on 1-D compression load cells, where 4-load cells are used to measure the force components in three-dimensional space. Here the proposed design of the mechatronic IASTM tool is modeled, analyzed, and simulated as a mechanical structure with simplifying assumptions on the elastic behavior of the skin under a certain amount of force conditions. A finite element model of a human arm is simulated to show the relationship between the applied forces, stress and strain on the skin, and force measurements to improve the design. The relation between device’s tip and the modeled arm was assumed to be frictional contact similar to the real IASTM practice.

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