Vibration control of large structures has been the focus of a lot of research in recent years. Some of these structures include high rise buildings, offshore platforms, and bridges. In this article, we present the results of an experimental investigation of the usage of linear impact dampers in the control of the elasto-dynamic vibrations of 3D structures. Linear Particle Chain Impact Dampers (LPCIDs) are the off-spring of the commonly used conventional (single unit) impact damper. The free vibration response of a 3D symmetric frame subjected to a bidirectional initial condition is measured and analyzed. The objective is to examine the efficacy of the LPCID in attenuating the free vibrations of 3D frame structures. The settling times and amplitudes of vibration of the structure, with and without the LPCIDs, under free vibration conditions are measured and analyzed to study the efficacy of the dampers. The experimental study showed that the LPCID can be more effective in reducing the structure’s vibration when placed in specific orientations on the structure. Therefore, it can by concluded from the experiments’ outcomes that LPCIDs may be used to effectively attenuate the free vibrations of 3D structures.

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