A 2D electrohydraulic proportional directional valve is proposed, which integrates both direct and pilot operation of the valve. In this valve, the output magnetic force of the proportional solenoid is converted to rotate the spool through a thrust-torsion coupling and thus the pressure in the valve sensitive chamber is varied. The varied pressure exerted on the areas of the spool end produces a hydrostatic force to move the spool linearly, which will rotate the spool reversely. Theoretical analysis is carried to the proposed valve and the effects of the key geometric parameters on the dynamic characteristics of the 2D valve and stability are investigated. Experiments are also designed to access to the characteristics of the valve working under direct and pilot operation. The 2D electrohydraulic valve can work properly for both direct operation and pilot operation. The hysteresis and frequency response are measured and the results are within the acceptable range in practical engineering application required of the directional proportional valve.

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