Mechanical motion rectifier (MMR) has been used as power takeoff system to harvest energy for different applications. The dynamics of single degree of freedom energy harvesting system with MMR is piecewise linear due to the engagement and disengagement of one-way clutches. The energy harvesting performance of single degree of freedom system with MMR under force and motion excitation are studied and compared with ideal linear damping and non-MMR system in this paper. Under harmonic force and motion excitation, the optimal excitation frequency and output power of MMR system is less sensitive to the power takeoff inertia compared with non-MMR system. Furthermore, the output power of MMR system under harmonic motion excitation is larger than non-MMR system. The performance index of MMR, non-MMR and linear damping systems are compared under random excitation. It is found that MMR system has a better performance over both non-MMR and linear damping system, which makes it a better choice for energy harvesting.

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