In this paper, torsional vibrations in a five-mass drivetrain of a doubly fed induction generator (DFIG)-based and a permanent magnet generator (PMG)-based wind turbine are investigated through simulations. The simulated model includes aerodynamics of a 750kW wind turbine, as well as the dynamics of the generator, gearbox, and back-to-back power converters. In this study, the effectiveness of a sliding mode based control scheme to damp the drivetrain torsional vibrations for the events of a voltage dip occurring on the power grid and a wind speed variation is presented. The simulation results demonstrate mechanical disturbances have similar impacts on the drivetrain of DFIG-based and PMG-based wind turbines. However, the back-to-back converters in a PMG-based wind turbine effectively isolate the effects of power oscillations on the drivetrain.

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