A novel electromagnetic pendulum energy harvester with motion regulator is proposed and investigated in this paper. The motion regulator is a mechanical design which can mechanically rectify the irregular bidirectional swing motion of the pendulum into unidirectional rotational motion of the motor, so that no electrical rectifier is needed and voltage drops from diodes can be avoided. Therefore, the energy efficiency can be significantly improved. The working principle of this pendulum mechanical motion regulator is that when the input velocity of the motion regulator is smaller than the output velocity of the motion regulator, the output transmission shaft will disengage from the motion regulator. This disengage mechanism of the pendulum energy harvester will lead to a broad bandwidth frequency response because of the inclination of maximizing the velocity output from the system. The dynamic modeling of the switched linear system (either engaged or disengaged) is established. The simulation results illustrate the power generation performance of the pendulum energy harvester, and the comparison with the traditional energy harvester without motion regulator shows the broadband advantage of the proposed energy harvester. Experiment verification has also been carried out. The experiment results verified that at some frequencies over the natural frequency, the efficiency is increased.

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