A novel electromagnetic transducer shunt circuit is proposed in this paper for dual-functional energy harvesting and vibration control of building seismic isolation. In recent decades, base isolation systems are widely used in low and middle rise buildings. Even though base isolation can filter out high frequency excitation from earthquake, it still necessary to consider higher order modes’ vibration in host structure. The new design extends the multi-mode shunt circuit technology in piezoelectric area in order to achieve good vibration suppression into the seismic isolation of multi degree of freedoms (MDOF) of host structure of buildings, and use multi-mode circuit to achieve both energy harvesting and seismic vibration control. A numerical study of simplified two degree of freedom base isolation is presented in this paper. This passive system is also examined by giving recorded earthquake excitation. The stimulation results show that this new design could take advantage both of low-pass filtering capacity of base isolation system and resonant vibration reduction of electromagnetic shunt circuit. It is also observed that parameters selected for vibration reduction of building can effectively achieve large-scale energy harvesting at same time.

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