This paper introduces a method to estimate battery state of health (SoH) via health-relevant electrochemical features. Battery state of health estimation is a critical part of battery management because it allows for balancing the trade-off between maximizing performance and minimizing degradation. In this paper, a health-relevant electrochemical feature, the side reaction current density, is used as the indicator of battery SoH. An estimation algorithm is required due to the unavailability of the side reaction current density via noninvasive methods. In this paper, Retrospective-Cost Subsystem Identification (RCSI) is used to estimate the side reaction current density via identification of an unknown battery health subsystem that generates the side reaction current density. Simulation results are provided for constant current charge and discharge cycles with different C rates. A current profile for an electric vehicle (EV) going through Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) cycles is also used as the excitation signal during estimation. The simulations show promising results in battery health dynamic identification and side reaction current density estimation with RCSI.

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