Following the current trend in aeroelastic optimization, as wing structures have been made more flexible, active control systems such as flutter suppression systems have been widely adopted to reduce undesirable aeroelastic behaviors. The stability and the performance of flutter suppression control systems can be negatively affected as the inflow speed deviates from the nominal design value. In this work, a mixed-norm robust controller is designed to perform stall flutter suppression. A 2-dimensional nonlinear time-domain aeroservoelastic model is developed. The nonlinear equations are linearized at different flight conditions and are employed to construct an uncertainty model, which affects the nominal dynamics in an affine way. The obtained uncertain model of the aeroservoelastic system is used to design a mixed-norm H2/H controller. The performance of the designed controller is compared with the performance of a non-robust H2 controller at different flight conditions. The proposed control architecture reduces the adverse effect of inflow speed variation on the performance of the closed-loop system.

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