This paper describes a nonlinear command tracking scheme for an electrostatic laser scanning micromirror assembly. The results are based on an innovative gimballed comb transducer concept developed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems. The outer mirror axis is designed as a Staggered Vertical Comb (SVC) in out-of-plane configuration and it shall provide a quasistatic operation with large deflection angles for triangular trajectories. The challenges for trajectory design and open loop command tracking are determined by the inherently nonlinear transducer characteristics and the lightly damped mass-spring dynamics. In this paper a flatness-based trajectory design is presented that considers the nonlinear transducer dynamics as well as the nonlinear elastic mechanical suspension with model parameters derived from ANSYS analysis. The paper discusses design constraints and detailed design considerations and it shows proof of concept performance results based on experimental verification with a real microscanner assembly.

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