This paper proposes two types of novel Tuned Multi-mass Dampers (TMMD), namely Unequally-divided TMMD (UTMMD) and Wired TMMD (WTMMD).

It is widely known that the TMMD made of plural identical tuned mass dampers (TMDs) achieves higher vibration suppression effect than a single big TMD. In this study, the idea of UTMMD made of plural unequal TMDs is presented and its vibration suppression effect is explored numerically. It is clarified that the vibration suppression effect of UTMMD is essentially the same as that of TMD, while the robustness might be slightly improved.

Meanwhile, the extension of the stroke of TMD is an important issue. WTMMD is another novel TMMD made of an auxiliary mass connected with two small auxiliary masses via wires for each. In this study, an experimental structure and WTMMD is built, and vibration suppression property of WTMMD is investigated experimentally. The WTMMD showed satisfactory vibration suppression performance.

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