A horizontal vibration isolation system using negative stiffness control technique is realized. The developed vibration isolation system consists of isolation table and middle table. In negative stiffness control technique, the isolation table is driven by negative stiffness controlled actuator and the middle table is driven by positive stiffness controlled actuator. The vibration isolation system with negative stiffness control can suppress ground vibration and low frequency sinusoidal direct disturbance sufficiently. However in present time accuracy requirement in Hi-tech manufacturing process has turned into nanometer range. Thus for further improvement in dynamic performance of the developed system, the acceleration feedback is added with negative stiffness control technique. However commercial servo-type accelerometer is expensive and makes the system costlier. In this research MEMS (circuit) accelerometer is used since it is cost effective. Experiments are conducted with both servo and MEMS accelerometers individually and results are compared. From experimental results it has been apparent that servo-type accelerometer can be replaced with MEMS accelerometer for such developed system.

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